AtoSiM Master of Science

Application to the AtoSIM program is closed. 


AtoSiM is a two-year Physics or Chemistry Masters degree focused on computer modelling of physical, chemical and biomolecular systems.

AtoSiM is operated jointly by:

  •     Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon, France
  •     Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  •     Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  •     Università degli studi di Roma, “la Sapienza”, Italy

This two-year degree provides a high-level qualification in the rapidly expanding field of computer modeling in physical, chemical and bio-molecular sciences. This highly integrated Course covers a full range of techniques: from quantum mechanical atomistic descriptions to coarse-grained mesoscopic models. Particular fields of application include condensed matter and statistical physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, materials science and theoretical bio-molecular science.

The study program is divided into four parts. All students follow courses first in Amsterdam, then in Rome, and finally in Lyon to obtain a triple diploma. The forth semester is devoted to research in laboratories either in Amsterdam, Rome, Lyon or one of our 21 additional partners.

Students obtain a triple degree. Admission into the master degree is decided on the basis of academic excellence by a selection committee composed of representatives from each partner institution. Applicants should have at least three years of prior studies majoring in physics, chemistry, engineering, applied mathematics or bio-informatics. Proof of English proficiency is also required.