Health insurance

In  order  to  ensure  that  all  students candidates  enrolled  in  Erasmus  Mundus  joint programmes are fully covered during the study / research period, the Agency has drafted a set of minimal  requirements  applicable  to  the  students/doctoral  candidates'  insurance  coverage.

These are available here.

It is the consortium's responsibility to ensure that these minimal requirements are fully met and that the  corresponding  costs  are  included  in  the  student candidate  participation  costs  in  the joint programme.

The consortium is free to select the insurance company (/ies) and scheme(s) of its choice and can opt for:
  • a single  and  common  scheme  covering  all  the  students/doctoral  candidates  during  the  entire period of the joint programme and independently from their mobility track, or
  • different  schemes  in  accordance  with  the  specific  countries  visited  by  each  individual student candidate.
If the second option is chosen, the consortium should ensure that the different schemes provide similar coverage to all students, independently from the country visited during the joint programme.