The ENS guarantees housing for all students in a residence hall located on the premises, in apartments shared by two students, at a very moderate cost.

There is a number of on-campus facilities to make daily life easier and more pleasant for the students: library, year-round dining facilities, gymnasium, language laboratory, general library, music rooms, and computer rooms, etc. A great variety of exercise and athletic facilities are offered, ranging from physical education to competition. All the various activities that illustrate the passions and tastes of students and that add a bit of spice to their daily life, include theatre, music, choral, dance, gastronomy, board games, astronomy, etc. as well as many outdoor activities have been proposed to the students. The students’ hall is equipped with a wide range of cultural and social facilities, thanks to which students could freely organize their community life in warm and leisure-oriented surroundings.


A short history of the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon

Fontenay and Saint-Cloud were created by Jules Ferry
-The Fontenay school, for girls, was founded by the decree of 13th July 1880
-The Saint-Cloud school, for boys, was founded by the decree of 22nd December 1882

Training teachers, inspectors and directors for primary education
-1887: The decree of 18th January 1887 transformed the previous institutions into Ecoles normales supérieures de l'enseignement primaire (of primary education), institutions which were free and modern, that is without compulsory Latin. The pupils were granted scholarships and were recruited using a competitive examination open to holders of the higher diploma or the baccalaureate who had signed a ten-year service commitment.
-1897: The length of studies was increased from two to three years.
-1945: The decree of 19th February
-1945 granted both institutions the title of Ecoles normales préparatoires à l'enseignement secondaire (institutions of preparation for secondary education). Pupils trained for the CAEC, then the CAPES teaching qualifications.
-1956: The length of studies was increased to four years and the preparation of the agrégation teaching qualification appeared in the regulations.
-1981: The institutions became co-educational.; after an entrance examination common to both institutions, pupils chose their training establishment.

The move to Lyon
Exact sciences
-1987: The decree of 24th July 1985 pronounced the dissolution of the two Ecoles normales supérieures of Fontenay-aux-Roses and Saint-Cloud as of 10th July 1987 and the creation, on the same date, of the Ecole normale supérieure de Fontenay/Saint-Cloud (for literary subjects) and the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon (for scientific subjects).
This latter was established in Lyon.

Arts and human sciences
-The decree of 26th August 1987, the genuine charter for the ENS de Fontenay/Saint-Cloud, defined it as a public scientific, cultural and professional institution and consecrated the idea of an ENS specifically devoted to the Arts and Human Sciences.
-In 1996, a new recruitment examination enabled the opening of the sections of the department of economics and social sciences.
-In September 2000, the Ecole normale supérieure de Fontenay/Saint-Cloud was transferred to Lyon as the Ecole normale supérieure Lettres et sciences humaines.

1st January 2010
-Tthe two Ecoles normales supérieures in Lyon became a single institution: the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon.