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PhD proposal - September/October 2016

Ab initio study of plasticity in body-centered cubic metals
3 years
Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy, FRANCE

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PhD offer - April 2015

La maison de la Simulation is part of the University of Montpellier, France. The institution is currently looking for a PhD candidate for its project in "High performance simulation for reaction dynamics: a quantum trajectory approach".

PhD Offer - April 2015

A consortium of  12 European Universities (Autonoma de Madrid, Barcelona, Groningen, Leuven, perugia, Pierre et marie Curie (Paris), Pisa, Porto, Toulouse, Univ. Basque Country, Valencia and Vienna) offers an ITN - European Joint Doctorate Program in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling.
There are 15 PhD contracts to carry out  in two Universities of the Consortium.
The contracts are for three years (starting next September) and the global salary before taxes is 3700€/ month (this amount can change a little from country to country) which corresponds to a salary of 3100€/month and 600€/month for mobility.

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Application deadline: 10th May 2015